Hurtigruten - the worlds most beautiful sea voyage.

Hurtigruten is repeatedly voted as the world’s most beautiful sea voyage and it’s by itself a great experience and guaranteed to give you memories for life.


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For more than 115 years Hurtigruten have been a part of the coastal areas of Norway. The unique feature of Hurtigruten is that it has daily arrival/departure in all its ports all year around. This makes Hurtigruten the main artery for travel along the coast.


For us to move south or north along the cost, we will use the Hurtigruten. Today's modern cruise ships have all you need to have relaxed and enjoyable voyage getting ready for the next ski adventure. The ships panorama lounges provides excellent viewing you will also find cafés, bars, a conference area, Jacuzzi* and exercise room are all equipped to a high standard.

The latest technology ensures the ship’s propulsion system produces the minimum of noise and vibration.


Most of the journey is close to land in between islands and reefs. This gives you the best view of the mountains and the scenery along the way, but it also means that the chance of getting seasick is limited.


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*Not all boats have a Jacuzzi


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The history of Hurtigruten

For more than 115 years Hurtigruten has been part of the coastal areas of Norway. With experience in polar areas, the company has become an international travel company with a unique product.

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The Most Important Communication Link

For 90 years the Coastal Express became the most important communication link between the north and south and it is from these pioneering voyages that the Hurtigruten tradition stems.

Translating as 'fast route', it was the quickest and most reliable passage into the remote lands of northern Norway, regardless of weather conditions. Indeed it was not until 1893 that the mail delivery was finally entrusted to road and air routes.

It is this heritage and experience that marks out Hurtigruten as one of the most professional and proficient expedition voyage operations on the planet.