Ground transport

Norway is a scattered populated country. You will find people living inside narrow fjords, inbetween small islands or high up on a mountain ledge. As a result of this, the road infrastructure makes it possible for us to visit every lttle corner of this country. Since we are doing the long distances at sea with Hurtigruten,  the drives will only last for 1-2 hour or less. On our way along the coast you will have the opportunity to experience the countrylife of northern Norway with scattered housing framed by scenic nature of mountains and the open sea.

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For ground transport and airport transfers we will mainly use WV Caravelle or Opel Vivaro 8-9 seats. This way we are compatibel with Hurtigruten. Although the cars are spacey we must ask you to limit your amount of luggage to one large bag, boots and a pair of skiis.

The group will consist of 6 guests, one mountain guide and one driver/organiser.




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Smart packing!

As transport from Hurtigruten to the mountains is by VW Caravelle minibuses or similar. These cars fit perfectly on board the Hurtigruten, and are comfortable cars on the road.

To ensure that everyone is comfortable and a smooth loading process, we advise you to pack your travel luggage as 1 large bag and 1 backpack for skiing.


Equipment list

Required personal equipment:

- Randonné or telemark skis
- Boots with walking function
- Poles
- Climbing Skins tailored for ski
- Crampons*
- Ski crampons
- Water bottle or camel back
- Avalanche Beeper*
- Shovel
- Probe pole
- Rucksack 35-45 liters
- Shell jacket and pants.
- Soft-shell pants.
- Fleece/insulation garments
- Wool or similar underwear or similar
- Socks of wool
- Sunglasses
- Goggles
- Beanie, Buff/Headbands
- Helmet
- Sunscreen incl lip protection.
- Warm Gloves
- Blister band aid or sport tape

Alternatively equipment:

- Head light
- Camera
- Ice axe*
- Harness – for glacier travel*

* can be hired at request.