Lyngen Alps

Lyngen Alps - is the mountain area north east of the city of Tromsø, placed on a peninsula in the fjord of Ulsfjord and Lyngenfjord. Lately this area has become a well-known place for summit to sea skiing. Each year passionate skiers from all of the world visit to hunt for powderskiing into the fjords of the north.

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The mountains of Lyngen is slightly bigger than the rest of places we visit. Lyngen has a number of glaciers and alp like mountains pefect for skiing. Some can be reached by ease and others demand a long approach.

The area holds different peaks for different skill levels. But most importantly the skiing starts and ends on the shore. You can expect to find photo oppertunities, you don't find elsewhere.


Skiing peaks:

- Jiehkkevárri 1833 msl
- Storgalten 1219 msl
- Blåtinden 1142 msl
- Taffeltind 1395 msl

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