Lofoten Alps

Lofoten Island - is located about 300 km north of the Arctic Circle east of Narvik city. The archipelago consists of seven islands, of which five are related to the E10 highway and ferries can reach the other two.


Lofoten is the sea eagles empire with wild and uncompromising scenery. Steep mountain walls that rise from the sea offers great summit to sea skiing. The highest peaks stretch 1,200 vertical meters above the sea level and can provide skiing of different difficulty.

Lofoten cannot be described by words only; you need to be there to fully grasp its glory. This place has an aura that must be experienced.

The really tough guys up here are the local fishermen. In the old days they were out catching cod in open boats without letting an Arctic storm interfere the important fishery. Today cod fishing remains the most important income but truism is getting more and more important.


Climbers have discovered the Lofoten Islands and during July and August they arrive in big numbers. More and more people have also seen the potential for alpine touring.

In the period of March to May Lofoten is a quiet place still. That means that there is no need to fight to get the first line down. To conclude; this place offers great skiing, fresh food from the sea and a relaxed and quiet atmosphere.

Once in the Lofoten Islands and you are doomed to come back!

Skiing peaks:

- Navaren 739 msl
- Geitgallien 1085 msl
- Torskemannen 780 msl



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