5 days ski and Hurtigruten cruise

Are you ready for the total ski touring experience that will give you an unique journey to the magical coast of winter Norway, land of the enchanted polar night and mystical northern lights?

When winter is at it's best and the northern lights still is active, we bring our skis and and go onboard Hurtigruten, the voyage often referred to as the world's most beautiful.

The tours start in Tromso and end in Bodo. Hurtigruten takes us to new ports while we sleep safely on board. This way we get 5 days of skiing in widely different areas along the coast of northern Norway. You will have the opportunity to experience Lofoten, Kvaloya as well as the hidden gem; Glomfjord with Svartisen glacier as backdrop.

This is a trip that will take you to some of the finest ski mountains in northern Norway. During your travel you will see and hear, eat and drink straight from the Norwegian diversity. We aim to give you a total experience where skiing, mountain, nature, food and people naturally go hand in hand.

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The tour starts in Tromso, the biggest city of northern Norway. At your arrival we will pick you up at the airport and bring you for check-in at our hotel in Tromso. The whole next day are spent skiing at Kvaloya island, located close to Tromso. We eat dinner in Tromso and at midnight we welcome Hurtigruten to the city. We check in and join the ship on its way south. After a good night sleep we wake up in Harstad and Lofoten. Ready for a new day of skiing we will spend a day in Lofoten islands before we again board Hurtigruten bound for Glomfjord. Next morning we wake up as we approach Glomfjord were we leave Hurtigruten and are ready for two days of skiing in this wonderful area. On sunday, early evening, we pack our bags and head for Bodo airport.

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Team Whiteblue

All our mountain guides has the highest international certification; UIAGM. Their long experience and local knowledge put them in the best postion to give you the best skiing the day can offer. Everyday the forcast; snow, wind and temperature will help to decide the objective for the day.

Safety is very important to us, but equally important is the art of finding the best snow conditions!

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An important factor, and a keyword,  in order to find the best snow; is transportation. It's said " that to be the best off-pist skier you need to be able to move"! This is why we believe our Hurtigruten concept is unique. Compared with `sail and ski´ in small boats, we will bring minibusses onboard Hurtigruten. In this way we can be flexible to choose where and what mountain we want to climb at any time.

The trip requires 6 people. Neither more nor less. If you are 12 we just double up.

In addition to a mountain guide, there will be a tour leader responsible for comfort and driving. This will be one of us in Whiteblue Adventure. Our experience in traveling the world for great skiing and new cultures, has taught us that the best memories comes from the small things in life, meeting new people, experiencing things that you didn't expect and doubted -  but never forget!

Hope to see you onboard this winter -
Jens-Petter Ring and Per Christian Tyldum (owners and enthusiasts)


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Information 5 days ski/cruise

Booking due: Feb. 1st 2014

Arrival time: Before 21:00 arrival day.

Max guests: 12
Min guests: 6

Price: 19 900,-* NOK
(Norwegian kroner)

Skill level: beginner - experienced

Gear: personal ski equipment, avalanche rescue gear (tranceiver, probe, shovel). Rescue gear is available for rent.

Book today!

* price based on 6 guest in one group.
Included: Hurtigruten cruise, accommodation, mountain guide, ground transport, all meals
Not included: flights and drinks.

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