White and Blue – the cut between snow and water, between the high mountain and the open blue sea.

This is where you want to be, – on the summit - have it all at the same time. Take in the view, which makes you feel on top of the world surrounded by the everlasting open sea. And then turn your skis and go down – go skiing until you meet the smell of salt water.


Ski touring Northern Norway by Whiteblue.no from Whiteblue Adventure on Vimeo.

Whiteblue Adventure is a tour-operator who is specialized in summit to sea alpine touring. We want to ski and experience nature where it is on its most striking and most beautiful. Norway has the coast, the mountains, the snow and the magic light. All this combined is a treasure. We want you to bring your skis and come onboard. First and foremost we are going to ski – but on this journey we also want you to experience the people, the food, the small colored houses, the eagle and – the northern light. All this meanwhile sailing across the Arctic Circle on a Hurtigruten cruise liner.


Hurtigruten is repeatedly voted as the world’s most beautiful cruise and it’s by itself a great experience. The ships will bring us to our destinations, and we will venture on and off the ships to go hunting for powder snow and great views enjoying friendship and experiences that will be remembered for life.

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Sincerely, Per Christian Tyldum and Jens-Petter Ring
Whiteblue Adventure

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The Whiteblue story

Whiteblue was born during a trip to Lofoten. As we over the years always looked outside of Norway to find adventurous skiing, this year we decided to visit a friend who recently had moved to Lofoten. It would be a long drive from Oslo, and one of use mentioned Hurtigruten as a possible solution. Why not bring our car onboard and just hang around on the ship? This turned out to be the perfect way `to ski our way´ from Oslo to Lofoten, a distance of 1700 km.


For us skiing has been the reason to travel the world and at the same time explore new cultures. This brought us first to the alps, and then later to places like Iran, Georgia, Macedonia, Kyrgistan, Morroco, Bulgaria and other places.  Always, skiing has been the key ingrediant! But what strikes us the most is that the things you remember, when you are back home, is the people you meet, the food you eat and the minor details that form another cullture. This is what we want to give you; the total experience, the total Northern Norway!

A swim in the arctic sea after a hot sauna....

Hurtigruten cruise liner is what makes Whiteblue unique. Instead of hanging around the same place for a week, you will now experience 3 areas and get to see a vast part of this northern region of Norway. Seamless Hurtigruten will take us to new areas and new mountains while we sleep. Underway we will enjoy life onboard and we might be lucky and see the Northern Light, which for many is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

To participate you don't need to be an expert skier, but some off-pist skiing is recommended. Our main obejective is to give you a ski experience that exeeds your expectations!

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Whiteblue Adventure by Per Christian Tyldum og
 Jens-Petter Ring.

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